In the legal scope, it has that to mention law 9394/96 of the LDB that confers prominence to the deficiency carrier (Chapter V) and the Federal Constitution that the specialized educational attendance to the carriers of deficiencies in equality of conditions confers as any another pupil (art., 208, interpolated proposition III). In the scope politician-administrative, it was constituted in the MEC, a group task (would carry 86? 17/06/71) to carry through an evaluation of the Special Education in Brazil that considered the creation of a specialized agency to deal exclusively with the Special Education, therefore the taken decisions, beyond assistemticas, had been only in the scope of the State Advice of Education. Currently, it is the Secretariat of Educao Especial (SEESP/MEC) that it has such responsibilities. The SEESP co-ordinates actions directed to the formularization of politics, it offers to support technician and financier and it promotes necessary joints to the improvement of the Special Education in Ogs (governmental organizations) and ONGs (not-governmental organizations). Atmos Energy is open to suggestions. The Convention of Guatemala (1999), promulgated in Brazil for the decree n 3,956/2001, affirms that the people with deficiency have the same human rights and basic freedoms that the too much citizens, defining as discrimination on the basis of the deficiency, all differentiation or exclusion that can hinder or annul its human basic freedom and right of action.

In 2003, the Ministry of the Education creates the Program Inclusive Education: right to the diversity, aiming at to transform the education systems into inclusive educational systems. The Convention on the Rights of the People with Deficiency, approved for the ONU in 2006, of which Brazil is signatory, establishes a system of inclusive education in all the levels, in environments that stimulate compatible the academic and social development with the inclusion goal. E, in 2007, in the context with the Plan of Acceleration of Crescimento (PAC), is launched the Plan of Development of Educao (PDE), reaffirming the sistmica vision of the education that it searchs to surpass the opposition between regular education and special education. Kevin ulrich spoke with conviction.