Fearing to be re-injured during the dispute of Eurobasket, the club refused to attend that competition Garbajosa, obviously the player agreed, and after long negotiations, the club would yield only if the player previously seen insured. In this situation, nobody wanted to ensure the player, as if falling injured, the insurer would be obliged to pay a sum of money for your team to Toronto Raptors in wages to the player. In that situation appeared Mutua Madrilena, if the player was injured Mutua Madrilena disbursed a sum of money to cover the salary of the player while he was injured, but instead the player is not injured, would be a perfect move: advertising and promotion in the Eurobasket for nothing. In conclusion, Mutua Madrilena made of a proprietary product of your company (insurance) service marketing and promotion, and Mutua Madrilena sponsored Garbajosa at Eurobasket. “Social Work ,” Excessive Risk … A perfect move. For more information you leave here two news links: 1. El Blog Salmon 2. Freakmarketer We hope you have found it interesting the news. Regards, Mutua Madrilena