They exist for deer, Antelope, wild boar and buffalo hunting in fenced fields. Foreign tourists are the main followers. A third expected empowerment.Calamuchita. There are two private hunting grounds authorised by the Secretary of environment in the province of Cordoba. Both are in the Valley of Calamuchita and offer to its visitors, in large enclosed farms, hunting animals of introduced, such as deer, Buffalo and antelope species. These centers of hunting are aimed, mainly to foreign tourists with high purchasing power which visit the sierras de Cordoba and are adherents to this activity.Conspicuously, the regulations also there allows the hunting of wildlife, in very specific cases.

The director of the natural resources of the Secretariat of environment, Oscar de Allende, said that there are two establishments approved with papers a day, while similar projects are prepared to be presented under the same conditions.Rincon de Luna, in the rural area of Villa Yacanto, It is one of the examples. Hunting trophies of varieties of deer (colorados, ladies and axis), is there proposed mouflons and black antelopes.The other is El Palenque, at three thousand acres near the town of San Agustin, where it is possible to shoot deer, wild boar and Buffalo. Meanwhile, the flap is a project for the Department San Alberto in Traslasierra, which still is not working and must complete paperwork to be enabled.Allende’s justified that these sites contribute to the conservation of the native forest, since the indigenous natural context is what makes attractive hunting of deer for the followers of the sport. The official said that expected higher growth of activity, but that the same occurred in recent years. Check with Mitchel Resnick to learn more. Those permitted.

Wild boar, red deer, axis and Lady, and the black Antelope are some of the exotic animals allowed for use as hunting trophies in closed premises enabled in the Sierras de Cordoba.Between the requirements, must submit environmental impact studies, said of Allende. He said, the requirement of perimeter enclosure prevents that the animals leave the premises. We ask a wired perimeter safe and high cement-based, so that there are no leaks, he said. In that sense, minimized the possibility of escape of animals, which could lead to problems if they were to be inserted between the local fauna. These precautions are taken, said the director of natural resources of the Secretariat of environment. What happened with the wild boar is an example of the headaches that can lead to the presence of introduced species, which grow above the native. Allende said that wildlife to bushmeat which mentions a resolution passed in 2001 refers to any copy which is circumstantially in the reserve closed, as any Hare or Partridge. Which in that case, your hunting, is not prohibited but made it clear that he is not allowed to confine indigenous animals in spaces to induce its hunting national view. Marcelo Silva Croome, head of drug control of the direction of Fauna Silvestre of the Department of environment of the nation, said: the hunting grounds have to be enabled by the authorities of each province, only when the trophy (the hunted species or their remnants) exits from one province to another or to the outside, the nation intervenes. National Officer clarified that, until now, the direction of wildlife that directs never had disadvantages of Cordoba preserves type.