Hotels are rated for a long time. Products are also the critical attitude of consumers. Employers not yet! For over 6 months that has changed. Employers to assess now is the motto. Long overdue that a platform dedicated to the qualitative assessment by employers and not badgering, bitching and backbiting abdriftet.Auf be based on valid and professional assessment (standardized questionnaires in 2 different detail level) employers using the categories: executive, colleagues , work, work environment, communication, equality, dealing with colleagues, 45 +, careers and training, salary and benefits, working conditions, awareness of environmental and social, leisure and image – evaluated. The ratings are for Web 2.0 style of current and former employees of the company while preserving the anonymity! It is now after 6 months and more than 1,700 votes that the users understand the meaning and value of such a platform. Ifone reads through the reviews and comments, we recognize that kununu is used in two directions: one to praise their employers and encourage them in their efforts (because it’s really not obvious) to be well treated by an employer and the others kununu use to communicate something to her employer. Why do they do that – The user will not gain if they kununu just steam drained. Rather, they want to bring about a change in their working situation, since they are 70% of their lifetime spent in the company. The platform meets with great media interest and enthusiasm among employees. Already more than 1,700 reviews of companies from Austria, Germany and Switzerland have arrived at kununu to it – should be evaluated by far the largest – a platform on which the employer was possible. (As of December 2007)