More and more German to use the services of dentists who make the denture abroad let to complete. And the trend is rising. Crowns, bridges and dentures are manufactured here in Germany is not even from the dentist in general, but be given in a dental laboratory abroad (dentures China) in order. In the dental work accounts for approximately two thirds of the production of dental prostheses. The price of imported manufactured in Germany over the prosthesis is quite considerable. Depending on the service provider is the price to over 50% niedriger.In normally are, however, the cost of dentures is higher than the fixed allowance, so that the patient does not have to pay a deductible. A dental crown Full ceramic (zirconia), a dental bridge (3-membered): metal-ceramic, Vollverblendung, non-precious metal cost of producing abroad at less than production in Germany. Under a crown is an artificial but also understands the technician prepared crown. This badge requires that the dentist before thenatural crown ground down so that sufficient space for a dental crown is present. The all-ceramic crown has the great advantage that it plays in the possible problem of allergic reaction to metal does not matter. For the production of a denture, the dentist takes an exact impression of the remaining teeth or gums. One must keep working very accurate, because a poorly fitting dentures can cause harm to the pressure load, the support points. It also needs to be taken to ensure that the rail footprint extends far enough into his mouth to make for the posterior teeth share a good and fitting prosthesis to be. Under one understands the dentures, unlike bridges, removable dentures. This becomes necessary when no longer sufficient number of teeth for attaching a fixed bridge or tooth loss. However, one must not think that the prosthesis is bad from abroad. Although they are cheap. But high-quality. The dental laboratory from Germany leave your dentures in aaccording to German standards (TV-Certificate) finished dental lab in china. Save yourself much of the additional payment, up to 62%! With a neat bonus booklet is available free of charge even prostheses. Author: Christian Nuetsa info (at) united-hosting26 (dot) de