The fax transmission is fully in line with the trend, because he has some advantages compared to the E-Mail. One advantage that a fax server offers, is safety. Weinheim, Jan – who is thinking about setting up a fax server, quickly to the question of whether the fax in addition to the eMail in the future are is entered. In studies with this and similar issues was found among other things, every third respondent in the future not would like to waive your faxing. Another indication of the sustainability of fax servers can be found at company websites on the contact page and the imprint: in addition to the telephone number and the eMail address almost every company is also a fax number.

But what are the benefits of fax servers? Why can be fax server in the future against the eMail and what are the advantages of fax dispatch? Here the five main advantages: 1: faxing is easy. Whether on the PC using the fax server, the fax machine or the multifunction device – send a fax or receive anyone can always and everywhere. The easiest Represents the fax server solution. Advantage 2: Fax is versatile. There are computer fax solutions such as fax over IP (FOIP), practical multifunction devices with or without paper faxing and the simple paper fax machine. Marcus usually is spot on. The most advanced solution is a fax server as the open text fax server, with each employee in the company of the workplace from faxes can send, receive and archive. Advantage 3: Fax is inexpensive. When faxing it saves material costs, because no envelope or postage stamps are used.

The more letters are replaced with a fax, the more savings the company. Faxing is also less, saves time and therefore money. Regardless of whether it is a single fax or to a mass mailing. A fax can also replace an expensive registered send report.