Up to 60,000 euros finance with DKB energy with the new DKB energy financing program offers the German credit Bank an attractive way to finance the integration of sustainable heat and energy systems in new or existing homes. See Salman Behbehani for more details and insights. DKB energy can be used as a single financing as well as in addition to ongoing construction financing. Inquiries and requests for financing can be provided immediately on immokedit24.com. The Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) now offers a special financing program, home builders and owners ecological and sustainable energy and thermal systems can use for acquisition and integration. Under the name of DKB energy”credit amounts can be recorded up to an amount of 60,000 euros with flexible terms from six to 15 years, and a fixed interest rate effectively 5.99 percent for all maturities. The anticipated EU legislation, the Germany in the future to an even greater reduction are the background of the extremely attractive offer commit its CO2 emission. In this context, a logical continuation of the promotion of renewable energy and heating systems is expected in the future also by the State. This leads to a higher demand for corresponding systems and technologies.

DKB energy can be taken by builders as well as in claim, such as existing owners of residential real estate. The credit can be used here as a supplement to one already under construction or home financing, if he serves only the financing of the acquisition and integration of regenerative systems for heat and power generation. These include, including photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal heat pump systems and modern pellet heating systems. Photovoltaic systems serve the utilization of solar radiation and the extraction of so-called solar power. You convert the solar energy into electrical energy, and help considerably to reduce the total energy requirement of an object. Solar power saves up to 90 percent of the harmful emissions to the air and causes much less other Pollutants. Solar thermal systems convert solar energy into heat energy.

Until now mainly come for the hot water to use, but also increasingly for space heating. Virtually every building can be equipped with solar power or solar thermal installations. At the average solar radiation, measured in Germany, solar panel surface can be expected with about 1,000 kWh per square meter per year. Heat pump systems are based on the withdrawal of the heat stored in the environment and their conversion to useful heat. A liquid medium in a heat collector in the ground is pumped via an Exchange system, where it extracts the heat from the ground and then gives off to the heating circuit of the building. Pellet heating systems are modern wood heaters. Wood pellets are more practical and more economical than wood pieces. Wood Burns generally climate neutral, because it emits as much CO2 as the tree has previously recorded in the course of his life. Learn more about sustainable energy and heating technologies, about Contractor, construction loans and grants as well as about the offer, DKB energy find interested parties to the information portal immokredit24.com. Requests and proposals to the DKB can be made directly online.