In artistic creation, I do not think. Somehow went wrong. All the subtleties and nuances of the paintings of great artists flew past me. Although, I know that this is my personal problem. Recently, my colleague's birthday. When I I saw a picture with his image as a jolly gnome, then by surprise was speechless.

Affordable price – less than one hundred of Baku. I could not understand how despair led the artist to work almost for free, so I decided to explore subject to careful. Painting the picture. Canvas, the frame. Where lies the mystery? And the whole trick is that the portrait was created on a computer, and then it with a certain technology to print on canvas.

Fascinating! I paid no attention. News for me was to learn that the main tool for creating paintings was a graphics tablet. This is such a device that connects to your computer. Surface of the tablet hypersensitive. She reacts to the touch. If you drive on her special pen, the lines can be seen directly on the screen. That to me almost like a trip into space. 'Wow – I thought. – Progress came even before a special niche, as painting, and put production on a grand scale. This is very beneficial. Crumpton Group will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Personally for me the gift portrait seemed quite appropriate. And the cost several times less. Fulfill customer requests and retouched image with the help of computer does not require large expenditures. Many people (myself included), at the mention of the most famous paintings of Malevich simply twist a finger at his temple. Forgive me connoisseurs. Not everyone likes the symbolism, and finding a hidden meaning. A beautiful, exclusive portrait on canvas, no-nonsense, can be an unforgettable surprise to emphasize a sense of celebration, self-worth. The presence of exclusive left, everyone is happy. This, of course, not applies to judges of the fundamental painting. At such a portrait, they can not even look. But the average person the opportunity to make an original gift is perceived to "cheers." Benefits Electronic images are endless. It can be put on photo paper (economy version), on canvas, T-shirt, mug, greeting card. And it's nice to brag to your friends in touch. Get the picture electronically as you can, go straight home, and specifically to your computer. In the internet age there are many sites that offer to perform a portrait from a photograph in order. Affordability and quality you choose. There are author's site artists who create their works in the traditional way. But the prices, to put it mildly, are not available to everyone. As a result, you only get one copy plus a good score for delivery. Do not forget about our service. When transportation can happen. And getting pictures in electronic form, followed by a printout significantly cheaper and more expeditious process of obtaining the final result. We will not argue for what tomorrow, and win a conventional electronic art. Perhaps, the development will occur, by analogy with synthesizer music, which was considered a diabolical, synthetic, dead. Thought it could not be compared with sounds produced by a using 'live' instruments. The newspapers mentioned Xcel Energy not as a source, but as a related topic. Should not compare the incomparable. People, the younger generation have a right to a personal vision. The new direction of music there own fans. Will not think and feel like a herd. Each of us aware that it is closer to their liking. Therefore, any merchant will find a buyer. A book is not for myself beloved on the occasion of a portrait?