E-world email, E-commerce, E-book, And-crime, E-TV, E-family: it is And-for that it is side Antoniel Coast Alves It does not have as to hinder this sped up electronic growth and to each day it appears plus one And-some thing. The virtual environment is taking each time more the real environment of many people. Already anticibercrime exists until policy. If you would like to know more then you should visit Max Schireson. you traditional policeman would change its weapon for one mouse? The policy anti and-crime is a great strategy to fight the innumerable electronic crimes, therefore, the same the step that also grows the virtual world grows the virtual crimes. Cracker or Hacker: who is the invader? They had been hackers that they had created the term to cracker, therefore, these were being white of critical and erroneous judgments of crimes committed for crackers. Crackers practised robberies and vandalism: they violated systems cibernticos and meanwhile the media blamed hackers for total lack of knowledge. Microsoft still is training official against this type of crime while the cibernticos criminals (crackers) already possess much knowledge and many tools to practise virtual crimes.

We are living deeply a world where the criminals are bolder, smart, well creative chemical preparations and. In many cases the proper policy is who disponibiliza information and tools for the agio of these individuals. if the policy of the virtual world to disponibilizar half for crackers? It will be that our information go to be safe same? The biggest problem of the virtual world is the fear of the robbery of our information and the all moment we are searching mechanism of security for the trustworthiness and integrity of the same ones. Tip: We have that to possess and-care for a trustworthy and-security.