Madrid, 20 July 2010 75% of Spanish workers claims print personal documents in place of work while only 25% of them do not. This is one of the main conclusions of the study by DocPath, leading company in manufacturing of software documentary, between the months of April and June 2010 for employees of small and medium-sized enterprises printing habits. While the majority of workers recognizes print documents of a personal nature in the Office, 43% of those polled would support the installation of a printing control system in the company for which you work. 24% Of respondents would see regular use of these applications while 22% would receive it as something negative and 11% considered it unnecessary. These percentages are a faithful reflection of reality.

Increasingly there are more organizations that are implementing systems that allow them to thoroughly examine what their resources are intended for printing, thanks to which manage to save costs, gain in productivity and develop a policy more respectful with the environment. Sustainable consumption policies which Yes makes it clear this report is that the Spaniards are gaining greater ecological awareness, which leads them to apply all kinds of paper-saving methods when they are printed. Specifically, 85% of respondents says use these mechanisms, especially the recycling of paper and double-sided printing. The average number of printed documents is quite variable, while 22% of respondents stated print about 10 documents per day. Figures ranging from 1 to ten document are the most quoted by consulted employees. This trend in the reduction of the impressions helps that incidents or problems with printers are minor and are placed in low numbers.

32% Of the participants in the study States not having any incidence per month with your printer while a % 24,48 acknowledges having only one. Although there is still long way to go and we must reduce to the maximum consumption of paper in offices, the truth is that the results of this study tested reliably greater ecological awareness in the Spanish employees. It seems that a good number of them are taking appropriate measures to save paper, having more controlled impressions and achieving a more sustainable environmental environment concludes Julio Olivares, DocPath founder and President. About DocPath DocPath is a venture capital firm one hundred percent Spanish, leader in document technology software manufacturing. Founded in 1992, it has its headquarters in Madrid, has two centres of development and is present with its solutions in companies around the world. Its international clients include renowned banks and corporations of frontline, which facilitates the complex and difficult task of design, generate and distribute their critical business documents. DocPath maintains a strong commitment to r & d, area destined that a good part of their income and in which lies one of the keys to your success. For more information, visit: DocPath and the DocPath logo are trademarks of DocPath Document Solutions. All rights reserved. Other trademarks may be property of their respective owners.