WTO, sae re-emphasizes with novel KIP Color 80, more productive printing system in the world LED color for sizes ISO/DIN A0. His outstanding performance presents an impressive low-cost per impression that allows a company to position itself as a leader in inkjet printing before exclusive markets. KIP Color 80 is a large format printer LED color which was designed for the realization and economic signage printing in large format with this equipment, WTO complements its portfolio of digital printing solutions. Our agreement with KIP for the distribution of the KIP Color 80 perfectly complements our innovative proposal of machinery and equipment for digital printing. We cover digital printing on sheet, congran versatility of media and format, UV Flat Bed printing and, thanks to KIP COLOR 80, signage large format printing, says Michel Madoz; Marketing Manager of WTO. It is the ideal and natural alternative for economic signage printing in large format.

Until recently, for formats A0 only could count on inkjet printing. KIP COLOR 80 comes to fill the gap that currently exists between the small print runs made in Plotter, and big Chuck, made in Offset. In addition, together with its professional RIP boiler, printers may have an excellent solution to the needs of large format graphic arts printing concludes Michel Madoz. Highlighting an operating speed of 210 meters per hour, is the only printer color production of large-format LED the world. With four automatic coil feeders ensures a continuous supply and constant productivity.

Its high speed of 210 meters per hour and productive power of up to 700 linear metres of paper or other material capability complement your glossy production. In addition, all of this at a very reasonable price (Kip Color 80), significantly lower than that of a printed page in an inkjet system. It is able to print a maximum of 91.4 cm wide, by a development of several meters, and can perform from posters, up billboards at competitive prices. KIP COLOR 80 supports several publishers, among them Matt paper of 120 to 160 grs., glossy photo paper, paper gloss 130 grs, Blueback, adhesive polyethylene white and translucent woven Vlies, polyester for backlight and self-adhesive materials. KIP Color 80 is a comprehensive solution for many large format printing tasks comprising all from architecture, engineering and construction documents, posters, signs, and photographic enlargements without sacrificing the quality or characteristics. Ideal for the realization and printing of small and medium-sized chucks of posters in large format, as hitherto, they being made with conventional ink technologies, but at higher costs (from 4 to 8 times more). The KIP COLOR 80, works with an ultra-fine Toner, which ensures exceptionally clear and detailed lines on prints full color CMYK. There are many graphics the copiers, printers, writers and professionals that you already want to benefit from this innovative printing equipment.