Today it is very important to know more than one language, especially English since English is considered to be the universal language. You have knowledge of more than one language may give them too many opportunities for work. English is an Indo-European language of the West Germanic group. Although due to the Sociolinguistics of the British Isles from the Viking invasions and the subsequent Norman Conquest, it has received important loans from the North Germanic languages and the French, and much of its vocabulary has been re-worked based on Latin learned words. The two latest influences make that English is probably one of the most atypical Germanic languages both vocabulary and grammar. The more similar to English living linguistic relative is undoubtedly the Frisian, a language spoken by approximately half a million people in the province Dutch Friesland, close to Germany, and a few islands in the North Sea. The similarity between Frisian and English is clearest when comparing the old Frisian with old English, since the restructuring of the English by foreign influences has made modern English a language remarkably less similar to Frisian than it had been in ancient times.

The English language has many of the traits typical of European languages. The name displays difference between singular and plural. The modern English unlike its predecessor old English name makes no distinction of gender or case. Differences in case are restricted in modern to the pronoun English, as happens for example in the Romance languages. To learn English is necessary to follow a few basic rules that has the language, as for example the verbs in past, present and future, those who have ing, or when the verbs change because the subject is third person, etc. I think aprendre to speak another language is quite important for new opportunities, if you want to know more visit author original and source of the article