They are six types of coverages that fall under a basic car insurance. Some of these coverages are mandatory and others optional depending on where you reside. The basic coverages in car insurance are the following: to) coverage of drivers without car insurance or with low car insurance. (b) against all risks. (c) collision.

((d) personal injury or wounds or medical expenses protection e) property damage liability. (f) liability of injury on the body. For all the costs of having an accident with your vehicle is very important to have car insurance that covers such spending because if not the financial blow in an accident can be considerable. In some countries such as Spain civil liability insurance is mandatory, all who drive on the roads in Spanish as minimum must have this insurance if it does not want to be exposed to a good fine. Car insurance prices vary from one company to another that is good to do a comparison of prices before you purchase car insurance.

The network is a good instrument for doing so. You can save up to 500 euros if you do. Don’t hesitate to hire your car insurance in the best company.