In the PCs, they are used processors x86, as 2 Core Duo and the Phenom. They are Chips optimizados for the performance, who include a brutal volume of transistors, with great caches L2, dedicated units of descodificao and agendamento of instructions, circuits of branch-prediction some units of execution for nucleus. It puts example, 2 Core Duo E8200 based on Core Penryn (that one is chip relatively small for the actuais standards), it possesss nothing of what less 410 million transistors and has 65 a typical consumption of watts. A manufacturer of smartphones that she was interested in using it, would need to find a form to place to cooler inside of 80 mm with copper spendthrift and a battery of 6 cells of the device. Exactly that he was possible, would not have acceptance according to investigating. For this reason not yet they exist smartphones established in processors x86. Exactly processing of low consumption, as Intel Atom, they possess a high electric consumption excessively for one smartphone, what it would make with that the battery lasted only one or two hours. The restrictions with regard to the size and to the consumption had made with that the hardware of smartphones evolved of well different form of the PCs, with the use of processors of low consumption and Chips highly integrated.

The change more notable is the use of processors RAM in Chips place x86. They present a optimizada architecture extremely, with few transistors and extremely low an electric consumption. The integration of components, folloied for the use of dedicated controllers for diverse functions; different of what we have in a PC, where almost everything is made by the main processor. The advantage to use dedicated controllers is that these execute functions directamente saw the hardware, instead of executing a destined software to execute the same function. With this, they obtain to execute its tasks with little transistors and little cycles of processing, what if she translates a lower electric consumption.