In this article how to choose the optimum configuration pc, I wrote how to choose a computer based on your needs. This article is both a complement and here we take a closer look at how to assemble a computer from components. Our goal – less cost, more benefit. Processor. The processor is the main component for the most part reflecting the performance of your pc. Before buying to determine requirements for future computer: office programs and the Internet, video editing or photo, games, or all at once. You should also think about the future of its functions, such as buying a camcorder in the near future will require higher performance PCs.

Processors Pentium Dual-Core and Phenom ii X2 suitable for office work and internet, 2-core processor with maximum clock speed – for games, the most powerful models from Intel and amd – to work with multimedia. It is worth noting that the processing of video and photos, engineering and scientific calculations placing greater demands on the cpu than other tasks. To work with the HD-video, mirror-digital video, 3D graphics, utilities, MathCAD, AutoCAD worth buying 4-core processing power. Possible in this case and buy a 6-core processors amd cpu Phenom ii X6 or Core i7 8xx or 9xx by Intel. Memory. The latest models of processors operate with the memory type DDR3, replace the entire a DDR2. Among the mass of the proposed high-speed DDR3 memory standards, a better buy for any purpose DDR3-1333, since it is the most common standard for computer shop.