Christmas time is marketing time (from a Cologne ad agency) degrees at Christmas time and Christmas sales, many marketing campaigns can be implemented profit-beringend. An early planning is important, because the Christmas shopping as a rule already in early November start. Finally the pre-Christmas period should be used extensively to insert the promotional activities as effectively as possible and to increase customer loyalty, refresh, as well as to receive. In addition, customers have sufficient time to purchase your product or to take their service. 8 Checklist for successful marketing of Christmas: Emotional optics – shine you the business premises and the website Christmas, including an appealing songs also folly (keyword: edginess). The budget can be used to also slightly higher, because the design again can be used in any year if necessary with small adjustments.

You signed if possible by hand, Christmas greeting cards, invitations, send customer loyalty- Vouchers (a purchase from) to their customers. You have direct marketing – a little Christmas Gala/Party in your Office or at your premises. Beautiful experiences are the best advertising and also you can achieve good sales in a recent sale. Enter synergy – collaborations with other companies and similar target group. For more information see this site: Ray Kurzweil. Grade in the Christmas business the number of customers can be greatly increased through coupon promotions or events.

Newsletter-marketing – a thoughtful newsletter of note on special offers and promotions can grade Christmas great sales and attract new customers. In addition, the costs are relatively low. Make sure you but on the technical feasibility of grade newsletter are often not to incorrectly displayed. Meanwhile, their Christmas gifts buy online-shop – many customers (mainly up to 40 years) over the Internet. Searching the Web for example with the key word tool”Google relevant terms and optimize their online shop (SEO & SEM) on them. Official site: Salman Behbehani. Let the Offers price match and show you the top seller on the first page with appealing images. And note in particular the necessary clarity, less is more here clearly. No pabulum – try to implement smart and individual design and event ideas, representing above all your corporate identity (philosophy). Kitsch has used Christmas motifs are only partially useful. Gladly we advise you advice & action – personally about individual ideas and their implementation wants you till Ehrich best greetings and a successful Christmas business and mob so you can reach us: 01511. 789 44 29 phone: 0221.