Lecture on the subject of ‘Transform of innovative strategies in business success’. As business insights special”, the European management school welcomed Christian Prinz zu Salm-Horstmar, managing partner Santiago advisors. Prince of Salm-Horstmar, who initiated the Handelsblatt Management Forum together with Prof. Furst, spoke at the transformation of innovative strategies for business success”. It is essential for companies to develop innovative strategies to gain a unique selling proposition to the market and generate extraordinary business growth. Only if we are faster than the competitors, we have a chance,”said Lord of Salm-Horstmar. First, he pointed to the challenges of the consulting market.

There is often little time for sustainable strategies on the part of the company. In addition, many companies have fear of relevant changes and before that, that get new strategies to competitors. How a company develops innovative ideas? Exactly on this issue, Prince of Salm-Horstmar went on the close intermeshing of science and A practice. In particular in times of globalisation, an open and intensive co-operation between experts from the industry and universities is a horse in the basic research and thus in the development of new strategies. That is exactly the goal of the Handelsblatt management forum. It gives new insights to future management trends and insights in methods and themes that give renowned professors at leading business schools, their students and also managers in EMBA programs to meet current and future challenges at hand. Innovative strategies can only be successful, if you properly implemented in a professional change management plays an important role. How do you perform a successful change management? The integrated framework is crucial.

In this sense, corporate governance, structures and communication must be co-ordinated. The strategy should be in line with the mission and the business model. New processes must be applied for new strategies. Leadership starts at the top”in this sense is a prerequisite of retention management and communication of pending change measures on each individual stakeholder. The communication should be on the three principles inform motivate enable”be aligned, to be faster, more efficient, more effective and more sustainable. All stakeholders need to understand changes to be uncertainties and perceived new perspectives. For employee motivation, it is crucial that every employee must understand what use is the goal for him. Also you have the employees the right tools”for the implementation type, because: each strategy is just as awesome as the implementation. “Distributed in the port” Prinz zu Salm-Horstmar is still an important tip for the first semester: in particular use the student to learn to structure complex issues well. “