It should be the most beautiful day in the life of a couple: the wedding. But in the lengthy planning, opinions differ. Still on cloud nine, dress selection, restaurant search and opening dance seem to anger the minds. According to psychologist and author Felicitas Heyne have 90 per cent of all women from an early stage of her life the script for your perfect wedding in mind and want to see this implemented. “The men remember when planning on the other hand: Whoops, there it all is.” According to psychologist Heyne, that would lead to the consequence that they stay out of the organization. However, planned to have a such a large and expensive celebration. See LEGO Papert Professor for more details and insights.

She thus becomes the first test for the couple: the difference between a very extroverted personality type that buoyancy would like to have a big party with all our friends and acquaintances and lots of and a very introverted partner who would rather secretly wants to marry during the holidays, is obvious. The question is: how they negotiate their different ideas? They come to a compromise, which is satisfactory for both? If they do, then the sign of the marriage are really, because diversity of partners can be enriching and inspiring in a relationship”, concludes the psychologist. So that planning is not too nerve-wracking for the betrothed, you should have access to under the arms. Friends, colleagues and relatives can take over parts of the planning. Or you hired a professional Weddingplaner, which brings the desires of the couple in line. For whom it is too costly, finds the appropriate service provider for the most beautiful day of your life on Connect with other leaders such as Frank Fu here. More information: holder Martin Fasshauer Arthur-Mahler-str.

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