To make an online shop the eBook right-secure online store helping right warning online store, ebay, Amazon & co – you are active in the Internet? You download music and movies from the Internet, have an own homepage on which you use many images, or write a blog? Or they sell and auction things on the Internet, maybe even your own web shop? Then you are potentially at risk, to be called off. The legal hurdles for home and business users of the Internet are great. Especially competition law offers a number of ways to proceed against competitors if, for example, the marking of the goods or the pricing not regulations. But also the trademark law and copyright law play an important role in the Internet. Has never been so easy on the Internet, also accidentally and without harming the intent of copyright and trademark rights. And right holders also vigorously oppose individual private users.

What to look for when creating a commercial website “should the practice Advisor shows: the right-secure online shop: E-commerce without nerve damage”, for the legal protection of online shops and other commercial Web sites. Your benefits understandable: An eBook written for traders! Relevant for practice: Essential know-how for shop owners! Large: over 200 pages! Currently viewing: Latest legal status! The Publisher, the IT law firm Munich, webshops and websites already by more than 800 dealers of from various sectors in Germany with your protection packages, and protects them from warning letters. “In the eBook of right-secure online shop / webshop the practical experiences of IT law now flow firm Munich: the most common, most important and latest legal traps” your client and have been summarized in this clear and understandable. Content of the eBook the Internet, originally designed as a medium for the exchange of scientific information, also serves with the steadily advancing technical development as a trading platform. “The times when the Internet as a legal vacuum” was considered are however long gone; the right developed steadily more unfortunately not always to the advantage of those who handle their trades online. In addition to a steadily proliferating paragraphs jungle”online retailers have to deal increasingly with competitors and lawyers, who have discovered the Institute of legal dissuasion as a welcome source of money for themselves.

Therefore, it is essential to get an exact overview of the current legal situation for every merchant that occurs in the World Wide Web. This is however not easy, in particular because it is not always clear to the legal layman factors legally affect his trading activities. “The new eBook right-secure online shop: E-commerce without nerve damage” offers therefore a mapping of the legal goofed, in which a trader on the rocky road of E-commerce can, and should For maintaining legal certainty, its Internet presence serve online merchants as clear and understandable Guide. EBook of right-secure online store is updated regularly and is available in 3 variants: the right-secure online shop at the price of 19.90 euro, the right-secure online store with 1-year upgrade at the price of 29.90 euro and right-secure online shop with 2-year upgrade 38,80 euro.