Any smartphone current possesss diverse controllers, who are inactivos most of the time and are activated when necessary. As well as other Chips similar, it is, in the truth, a SoC (they system on chip), that is, is the diverse combination of a central processor and other components in only chip, including a processor RAM11, one chip DSP, transmitters for the frequency bands supported and interfaces for diverse components. It possesss a video accelerator (2D), that it helps in the descodificao of diverse formats of archives, captured processing of the images and videos using related chamber (and other functions) e, also, a dedicated accelerator 3D, that it is set in motion when games or other applicatory ones are executed that they use graphs 3D. As the necessary electric consumption of being very low (different of what we have in one desktop, where the plate 3D can consume 50 more watts or), the performance sufficiently is limited: but 2 megapixis. Although this, 2 megapixel can relieve very. The secret to produce games 3D capable to function adequately exactly with resources so limited, is to reduce the use of textures and to limit the use of light effect. Low the resolution of the screens of smartphones also finishes being an advantage, since they result in a very lesser volume of pixis to be used.

Another example of chip with acceleration 3D is Qualcomm MSM7200, that is used in diverse devices of the HTC and of Toshiba, between them the HTC TyTN II and HTC Touch Dual. It also is based on a processor RAM11, but he includes a set different of components auxiliary. ' ' kit' ' of components it includes a video accelerator, that if puts in charge of the descodificao of videos in diverse formats (freeing the main processor and helping to reduce its consumption), an accelerator 3D optimizado for written applicatory games and in Java (a little different of the used accelerator in the OMAP2420, even so the basic application is the same one), a processor ARM9 auxiliary (for the processing of the signals of the net 3G), a security module (that it can be used for giving encriptao and desencriptao of) and chip Qualcomm gpsOne, that offers a receiver GPS of 20 canals: Everything that is necessary to keep the electric consumption in acceptable levels, as well as reducing the production cost, since to produce only chip, I contend some components, cheap leaves more what to produce some Chips separate.