This factor also has to do when there are only two means of communication with the monopoly of television, and independent programs are caught in a minority that’s it very difficult to battle against. In Mexico for example remember the case of Santiago Creel.La crisis of the nation-State to the problems of national insecurity. The State is which should provide security to its inhabitants. But what happens when the State is in trouble of insecurity, drug trafficking and executions? Individuals are forced to engage in actions of protest or flee the country such is the case of the famous case of brain drain where intellectuals are forced to flee for his life and that of their loved ones at risk.The State You must keep the power that it deserves as a State, therefore if you will not be affected and will lose credibility with citizens. It must also know the limits that there is in terms of the forms of exercising power because if not, he would be in a situation of military State, where the army becomes the police and can have very large implications because the army is based in mata, then question and thus would provide conditions conducive to an atmosphere of insecurity and uncertainty.In the case of Mexico, we can see it now with the wave of insecurity that have affected society.

We can also see him going back a little in the history of Mexico by 1968 when the military took control to suppress student movements. The army was used as the police (any resemblance to reality, is purely coincidental). Perhaps something to carry the current Government does not take measures against those who are unpunished before such acts as big of atrocity, as perhaps Congress is identified with presidential power, or Perhaps (the worst) is the fear it instills the army, said Jose Gil Olmos in his article in the Special Edition of the magazine commemorative process of the movement of 68.