e April 10, 1912. At 12:00 pm the Titanic begins to be separated from the dock by tugs of which one was the Vulcan who had saved him from a collision of the Titanic when the movement will cause the strings of the New York boat came loose causing it to ship out on the Titanic. After a short delay the Titanic continues its journey of 24 miles from the English Channel route to Cherbourg, France where he would arrive at 5:30 pm. Finally passengers board small vessels that transport them to the Titanic. The anchor is high at 8:30 pm and the Titanic heads for Queenstown, Ireland, sailing through the canal and around the south coast of England. Sunday, 14 April 1912. At 11:30 pm on lookouts Fleet and Lee looked a little thing in front of them, at 11:40 pm with the Titanic sailing at high speed, Fleet seen a huge iceberg right in front of the Titanic and notifies the bridge. Moody, the sixth officer, received the news of Fleet, on a huge iceberg right in front of the Titanic, and immediately notifies Murdoch who instinctively orders all stop orders to starboard followed by machinery all in reverse order, also mandates to close the Henry Fool doors Henry to contain water, the Titanic begins to veer but part of the iceberg underwater, tears and strikes along the starboard side by a distance of 300 feet, fully opening front 5 compartments Fay Grim and one of carbon ( number 9). By 11:55 pm, 15 minutes after the collision, the post office on the deck “G” is already inundated after a quick inspection of the damage by Wilde, Boxhall and Andrews, Smith knows the truth …The Titanic sinks and more than 2,200 people on board are in great danger. With hard heart, Smith personally takes the position of the Titanic to the radio room, giving the paper to Phillips, shortly after midnight, ordering the distress call, Phillips makes the sign of help … QED … MGY … QED … MGY … Monday, 15 April 1912, shortly after midnight the squash court, 32 feet above sea level mark, the flood, most of the boilers have been shut down, and enormous clouds of steam pipes roar for exhaust secured to the sides of the chimneys, Smith ordered the lifeboats be uncovered and loaded with passengers and crew.