According to Forbes magazine in 2009 and due to this global crisis, and we fail to have 10 billionaires on the list, only 9, and that with the controversial inclusion of a drug dealer. Only two are in the top 100 of the world. to continue reading click on read more …. Carlos Slim., Mexican billionaire owner of the leading Mexican companies that are publicly traded. His fortune is 35 billion USD.(He lost 25,000 million last year) Alberto Bailleres Already in the 83 position worldwide and a fortune of 5.7 billion dollars. Mexican businessman of 76 years. Your Industrias Penoles is one of the major mining companies in Mexico. Ricardo Salinas Pliego and family. 124 is in position worldwide with a fortune of 4,200 million. He made his fortune in TVAZTECA, ELEKTRA and IUSACEL. Jeronimo Arango. Fortune 3,400 million and at position 178 of the Forbes list. He co-founded Aurrera stores, and in 1991 partnered with Wal-Mart empire. In 1997 the family sold most of its shares to Wal-Mart German Larrea Mota Velasco At position 246 of the Forbes ranking, and a fortune of 2.6 billion dollars. He is the director and owner of a major mining groups in the country: Grupo Mexico. Its principal mine in Mexico, Cananea, has been on strike since 2007.It has mines in Peru and has problems with its copper mine in the U.S., which is declared bankrupt by environmental demands. Roberto Hern ndez Ram rez At position 601 of the Forbes ranking, and a fortune of 1.2 billion dollars. Mexico is a successful banker, who in 2001 led the largest corporate transaction conducted between Mexico and the United States to integrate Banacci the world’s largest financial group, Citigroup. Joaquin Guzman Loera. El Chapo Guzman, Mexico’s most wanted man for his illegal activities from drug trafficking leading the Sinaloa cartel, entered the Forbes list of billionaires this year at position 701, even up ALFED Emilio Azcarraga and Harp. Money billion. Emilio Azcarraga Jean. Is ranked 701 in the Forbes list. His fortune, inherited, has faded considerably in recent years, and it is 1000 million dollars.It is the principal shareholder of Grupo Televisa Alfredo Harp Helu. Also at position 701, with 1000 million. Today the greatest satisfactions of Alfredo Harp are on their four children, grandchildren and the Diablos Rojos del Mexico, so that their greatest wish is to spend time with his family, sports and philanthropy. Partner was ACCIVAL INBURSA and Banamex, and president of the board of the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores. The crisis has hit hard errors, and no longer appear in this list of forbes Isaac Saba Raffoul, Lorenzo Zambrano (Cemex’s main shareholder, and Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala, owner of Grupo Modelo and one Mexican woman who has been on the list .