In these cases, in accordance with Wedge (2002, P. 17), ' ' the masters, in turn, open the doors of the school, change information with the responsible ones, approaching the pertaining to school community of daily of each estudante' '. Although the result of this partnership not yet to be object of official study, knows that the union comes collaborating for the construction of a new school, where the family and the professors are coautores of the administrative resolutions and pedagogical, what she finishes favoring and facilitating to the education them students. To work in team 3, in cooperative way is what it allows a group of people to integrate the knowledge and the abilities of each one and concomitantly, to surpass its proper deficiencies, to reach an objective. To carry a gigantic rock, to develop a new lesser device to shave or to reintegrate to the society infractors are huge and different challenges. But it is probable that to face them either less pleasant and individually efficient of what to partilhar the search of the solution with other people. However, to work in team is not easy, for some people, is literally, impossible.

This because to share a task it implies in collating the individual representations on what, as, when, where to make e, in general, this confrontation provokes conflicts. Before being able to usufruct what ' ' outro' ' it can contribute for the group – and thus to institute a constructive exchange is necessary to accept it and to respect it, in its qualities and difficulties. One of the problems is presented there: to accept and to respect the other put in check, and for times shakes the certainties of the individuals that compose the group and the limits of its relations. The resultant tension, depending on the form as it will be treated, can fragilizar the group and until disaggregating it.