Is the decision-making process is well moderated, every participant deals seriously with the pros and cons of all alternatives. Additional information is available at Eliot Horowitz. The focus of activities is so content level. In many cases, this even an approach arises. The result of the decision provides not only a decision. It is also transparent about how much the favored alternative to the other is better.

As can be seen, how much is the proportion of those who vehemently speak out with 9 or 10 points against the decision. Depending on the situation, it is useful once again to question the reasons for the rejection and to discuss how the concerns can be addressed together. “In the abstract description the method sounds harder than it is” says Josef Maiwald, certified SK expert at SmarterLife. “Actually it is in the basic variant but so easy that it was successfully applied even in kindergarten. We even use the method regularly in Conference calls and meetings. We could streamline decision-making significantly so. The more complex the conflict already highly has rocked the problem statement and the more himself, the more sense it is to consult an experienced moderator”he knows from his own experience to report. The systemic consenting is one of several methods that want to quickly spread the experts at SmarterLife.

Because ultimately it is smart (smart, facing, smart), to bring decisions not only quickly, but also so that if possible all can live participate in well. Who wants to experience this method or learn the application, find appropriate dates in the event calendar by. To the Tweet: SmarterLife: hot decisions – cool hit. Company Description “Systemic consenting” SmarterLife decide the method company for business development is fast and solidarity a project and a registered trademark of the company A to mbH. SmarterLife would like to contribute to the change of consciousness among people and organizations. Targets are conscious living and a sustainable success in personal, corporate and social level. The Internet platform provides a number of valuable tips, help and advice, interested specifically can do to act responsibly and proactively in the own sphere of influence. Motivate experts designated SmarterLife and show how it’s done: + business to act socially and to be, at the same time very successful + privately for a smart and confident with each other to ensure + fair play in all areas of life and business. While issues such as values, win-win relationships, personal effectiveness, health management, training, coaching and conscious, responsible action play important roles. The initiators of SmarterLife are keen to attract like-minded people and collaborators for the community and the network of experts. Everyone who plays to the defined values, can apply for this purpose. But above all companies and organizations that have made social responsibility on the flag, are very welcome. Common occurrence and exemplary services can act as engine at the desired change.