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In Dagestan

Sexual violence is rapidly (in Makhachkala, at least) has blossomed in the 1990s. Mobile Phones just opened, put on display flaw that has existed more or less secretly. Any social revolution must – sexy, any sexual revolution – social. A bit of history from age to age Traditionally in Dagestan sexual energy is a huge number of men could find no way out. Concerned, first of all, the poor, who often become seasonal workers. Them before the revolution has always been a great deal. For example, in 1897 migrant workers in the Dagestan region was 55 000, and in 1913 – more than 83.3 thousand – one in four adult male. They married (if ever married), it's too late …

Many well lived life – without my family and children. Not because it lacked women – from ancient times in Dagestan, whole villages were illegitimate settlements. Just what society denied them the right to start a family. For which he paid. In Dagestan, a social revolution – and always sexy revolution. This is confirmed by, for example, the verses of our revolutionary poets. I advise interested in the history issue carefully read the work, at school, "as if" the familiar subject of "art and culture of peoples Dagestan. " You might be surprised and discover the true meaning of violent events a century ago, the origins of the revolution and the fire of civil war. In general, the rigid social Dagestan "biologism" regulate the right to leave offspring. Today, when socialism was in the past, the revival of "traditional" (capitalist) moral standards, pre-revolutionary family relationships is a threat to young people and young people expressed their protest often, even – at the cost of their health and life.

Recruitment Agencies

The task of recruiters is to help both employers and people who want to get a job. ConocoPhillips is often quoted on this topic. In this article we focus on the first function of a recruitment agency information technology. Selection staff – this is very time-consuming and important process. Qualification level of staff largely depends on the company profits. Specially trained recruiters and psychologists to help you correctly pick the people who will comply with the requirements put forward, in addition, you can quickly search for a desired candidate, because the choice they need to work not only unemployed but also those that are currently working. Referring to agency, the company reduces the labor organization to find and select candidates to zero. Work on the selection of candidates and interviewing them take over the agency, which will allow the maximum saving time for selecting the workers and spending it on development of the company. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bobby Gocool offers on the topic.. It also acts as an intermediary agency, coordinates all phases and selects the workers and the adaptation of new work in the workplace.

Recruitment agency takes all responsibility for the qualification, availability of skills. This and much more – the main advantages of hiring required by the employment agency. Consider how to choose the right IT professionals with cadre agency. First and foremost, should be clearly defined IT duties – staff. On this basis, in writing, make a list of persons nominated by him compliance.

The next step – it is mandatory to to determine the salaries and wages, and the need to consider the likely trial period for inexperienced staff and a great salary and employment conditions of interest for experienced staff, poached of the other digging. Third, pay due attention to the analysis of the package of documents required for potential employees. Once all of the above objectives will be achieved, you may contact the recruitment agency IT specialization. In the subsequent employment of workers will have a tremendous aid specialists staffing agencies that conduct their activities in the field of information technology.

LonMark International Association

In 2007, street lighting systems, Quebec City (Canada) has applied a new system of street lighting management technology with data transmission over powerline LonWorks Power Line. In the system used Internet server i.LON company Echelon, which enables remote monitoring and control of lighting. To read more click here: Petra Diamonds. In addition, using information from the Internet server i.LON, power companies offer reduction energy consumption during peak hours. Introduction of new technology Echelon Lon Works conducted in two stages: as a pilot project to be connected to 200 street lamps in the old town of Quebec. After launching a pilot project, carrying out all measurements and get 30% savings power plan until early 2008 to connect to the system Echelon another 800 street lamps. And in the next 10 years, Quebec is going to upgrade to 1000 lamps per year, connecting them to new LonWorks based system management and monitoring. The decision on Echelon’s lighting control based on the LonWorks equipment saves energy consumption systems, exterior lighting and reduce energy consumption in Overall, due to the automatic vkyucheniya / off lighting, depending on natural light, dimming street lights and turn off at certain hours of the night lights that are not fundamentally affect the level of illumination in this period. In addition to reducing electricity use Echelon dimming lights (gradual increase or decrease the voltage to the lamp), extending their life and reducing the cost of maintenance and replacement lamps.

“We consciously decided to install a new system of Echelon, first in the historic quarter of the city, because besides all the other benefits of LonWorks lighting system allows us to identify the most profitable architectural features of historic buildings. Thanks to this historic quarter, especially in the winter months, becomes even more charm and attraction for both tourists and local residents, “- said Guy Carignan, Development Manager, responsible for lighting the streets of Quebec. Today, many cities in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and England are already using LonWorks technology and Echelon’s solutions street lighting systems, achieving an impressive reduction in energy consumption of their cities. Some cities, such as Norway’s capital Oslo and Milton Keynes in England, has already achieved a reduction of energy consumption by 40 – 50% through the use of LonWorks equipment in lighting control system. At the same time reducing energy consumption in the range of 30 – 50% is important for cities, not only in economic terms. Investment in remote monitoring system and management of urban electrical equipment can eliminate their climate impact and more efficient use of available resources.

The use of automated control systems for street lighting based on LonWorks networks also helps to reduce energy consumption in the whole world, but in the long term and emissions of CO2. Echelon Corporation is the pioneer and world leader in the design and manufacture of equipment and software to create LON-control networks. The developed technology corporation LonWorks is used today to organize distributed network management in transportation, building automation systems, street lighting, and process industrial enterprises. At present, Echelon publishes a full range of LonWorks equipment: controllers, routers, Web servers, adapters, Ethernet, PCI, USB and other devices that are certified by LonMark International Association and GOST-R, and working with the engineering equipment of many manufacturers.

DHW – Domestic Hot Water

Often during the construction of a private home interior design and decorating are paying more attention than the internal engineering systems. However, without thoughtful communication comfort homes will only be external. On utilities a country house, usually spends about 15 – 25% of construction costs. Professionally designed and carried out by hot water system (DHW) is invisible in the house. About her the presence of a recall, when living space temperature deviates from the norm. For the interior will be of value items such hot water system, the visible areas of communications, and space heaters.

Warm floors greatly enhance the overall comfort of a private house. Also important for domestic hot water boiler and the type of system automation. Today there is a choice of several types of radiators for hot water domestic system. This is a sectional cast iron radiator (most common), bimetallic sectional radiator, aluminum radiator sectional, steel panel radiator, various heaters. Radiators, hot water different materials used in them and the cost.

Regarding pipelines should know a few basic points. Commonly used steel, copper pipes or pipes of different polymers. For hidden liner to radiators can not take the steel tubes. Other types of pipes are suitable for them to hide under the finish. Do not install copper pipes with sectional aluminum radiators. Modern heated floors are divided into two main types: water and electric. Along with heated floors and if you want to use and radiators (eg, windows). Most often, private (country) houses are heated independently. Today, there are large choice of boiler equipment. Widely used gas and multifuel boilers. Multifuel boilers use natural gas and fuel oil, sometimes solid fuels. Choosing a boiler of this type, we must remember that it is sufficient noisy. Typically, boilers are functioning in the domestic hot water with forced circulation of coolant. The boiler will stop as soon as the flow of electricity stops. Western manufacturers are now offering boilers, working on the principle of gravity. Their disadvantage is that the power failure turned off heated floors, as well as such boilers have low productivity. Depending on customer requirements and conditions use a simple control system hardware, or a complex microprocessor-controlled. Source: WAN – hot water

Global Fashion

During the existence of a gaming console came out a lot of PC games, among them a race, shooting games, strategy. Ability to make some were popular for a while, others were not even popular, but there are those that for ten years with neshodili fasting 'most popular game. " Among them Counter-Strike, Half-life. There's also a game kotoyre a relatively recent Call of Duty 4 (the other parts were not so successful and popular), STALKER, and others. This article focuses specifically on the game STALKER – the most popular game of domestic production. STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl has been recognized as the most atmospheric game of 2007, which I personally fully solglasen, the atmosphere literally rolls over – walking along the Pripyat River, watching the weather effects, realistic storm, enjoying quite a large arsenal of you know that STALKER – it's not just a game.

This is a real life simulator stalker, if I may say so. Chernoybylya shadow – the first game of the series, published in mid-March 2007. Before its release, many have criticized the project, laughed at him, but after all, simply put 'ofigel' of the game, there are rumors that the game is played even by Vladimir Putin. Of course, after passing game to pass it zanogo does not want, I want something new. To do this, and come up with modifications. In principle, modification yavlyaetsya just the set of modified game files – configuration files, scripting, etc. Fashion are quite different. There are a surprising number of mods that alter the characteristics of the weapons simply, or do day longer than the night.

These modes, as the rules are not polzuyutsya very popular, usually much appreciated by those that are added new weapons, as well as global. Download the new stalker mode, you can visit the team KFS-Team Global fashion – fashion is that change is not specific parameters, such as weapons, and some, of course fashion, changed the texture of the AK-74 and its characteristics will not be global. Typically, a global fashion weigh about 100-1000Mb, there are certainly more. During the time of the game was released a very large number of mods for Stalker, but not all stalker fashion was popular. Very AMK mod was popular, folk Salsola, OGSM, Shoker mod, of course it's not all fashion, which were very popular and those that liked the players, I just wrote those modes that nravyatsya just me.

Vladimir Sergievsky

However, he says, “metals, coal and minerals have the greatest chance of increasing in value. These sectors are already began to rise in recent years due to global economic growth. ” In turn, Ron Papanek believes that the greatest potential for growth are information technology and biotechnology. “Objectively speaking, production was ballast for the Russian economy – he said. – This is the sector that the government began to support after 2008, nationalizing, sometimes very aggressively, some of the company. Now, Russia goes through a phase of “careful re-privatization”, trying to give these companies back into private hands, thus stimulating economic growth. ” The Russian economy is still very dependent on the price of oil, gas and metals.

But with On the other hand, the dependence of the Russian economy on natural resources was the main reason due to which Russia has suffered greatly at the end of 2008. Record high oil price is now the cornerstone Many Russian companies and the economy as a whole. One of the most serious obstacles to the growth of the Russian stock market remains a possible return of the global economic crisis this year, analysts said. At the same time, the internal situation in Russia is rather favorable for further growth in the stock market. Ron Papanek believes that one of the problematic aspects of the Russian economy in 2010 could become a process re-privatization of companies in the field of production.

“Much will depend on how well the process will be re-privatization, and on whether it involves the” old players “that still carry great weight in These companies “- said the expert. “Russia has clearly absorbed some of the characteristics of developing countries such as China, India and Brazil. But now we can definitely say that the political forces in this country has undergone a serious evolution – were political decisions that have enormous economic response, while others have remained completely unnoticed. In this context, we call on Russia to “emerging market”, – Ron Papanek states. Russian experts have also set up extremely optimistic. Conference participants ‘Stock market: 2009 results and prospects for the next’ believe that in 2010 the Russian stock market will continue to rise, significantly ahead of the real economy. Among the favorites – the financial and oil and gas industry. Interesting investment ideas is in mechanical engineering and metallurgy. Experts positively evaluate prospects for the Russian stock market in 2010, although do not expect that he will be able to enter the pre-crisis levels. “We expect that the market in 2010 will grow by 25%, our target for the RTS index is 1,850 points’ – said the strategist of investment company “Finam” Vladimir Sergievsky. He is supported by the head of analytical research ‘VTB Asset Management’ Ivan Ilyushin, who believes that in the next six months, the market could grow by 30-40%. ‘In my estimation, Russia’s economy will come to their historic highs in 2012. Around the same time stock indices are likely to also reach their historical peaks ‘- complements Head of Research’ Bank Moscow ‘Cyril Tremasov.