In Dagestan

Sexual violence is rapidly (in Makhachkala, at least) has blossomed in the 1990s. Mobile Phones just opened, put on display flaw that has existed more or less secretly. Any social revolution must – sexy, any sexual revolution – social. A bit of history from age to age Traditionally in Dagestan sexual energy is a huge number of men could find no way out. Concerned, first of all, the poor, who often become seasonal workers. Them before the revolution has always been a great deal. For example, in 1897 migrant workers in the Dagestan region was 55 000, and in 1913 – more than 83.3 thousand – one in four adult male. They married (if ever married), it's too late …

Many well lived life – without my family and children. Not because it lacked women – from ancient times in Dagestan, whole villages were illegitimate settlements. Just what society denied them the right to start a family. For which he paid. In Dagestan, a social revolution – and always sexy revolution. This is confirmed by, for example, the verses of our revolutionary poets. I advise interested in the history issue carefully read the work, at school, "as if" the familiar subject of "art and culture of peoples Dagestan. " You might be surprised and discover the true meaning of violent events a century ago, the origins of the revolution and the fire of civil war. In general, the rigid social Dagestan "biologism" regulate the right to leave offspring. Today, when socialism was in the past, the revival of "traditional" (capitalist) moral standards, pre-revolutionary family relationships is a threat to young people and young people expressed their protest often, even – at the cost of their health and life.


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