As Typically, the pressure of the systems controlled by a pointer gauge. Angles of rotation of fuel injection pump are determined by sections or piezoelectric sensors installed at the sites of injection and responsive to shock wave from the injected jet, or pressure sensors (only for mechanical injector), established in the fuel tubes. Measurement of cyclic feeding and Backleak performed using beakers with graded scale, or by automatic flow (BOSCH eps 815, hartridge AVM2-PC) are measured in real time the amount of fuel in sections. Simultaneously, a histogram of fuel consumption for measured sections on a computer monitor. When menzurochnom way to produce fuel pouring simultaneously from all sections in the beaker for a specified number of cycles and then a visual readout of the level of the scale on the beaker to determine the feeding cycle. Both methods for measuring the inherent advantages and disadvantages. Automatic method is more accurate – it depends on the accuracy of the flowmeter. Values of feed are automatically placed in the program, calculated on the uneven flow sections, given the result of comparison with normative values. When pouring in beakers visually can immediately determine the qualitative difference between feeding on different sections and not to filling according to the standards of test plan in its entirety, reducing the time adjustment, which is important for the mechanical injection pump at the beginning of settings with sufficient experience in the traffic controller. At the same time for this method of measurement below the measurement accuracy for the following reasons: – for authenticity reading values from the scale beakers responsible regulator – after draining the walls of beakers is the fuel that the next measurement introduces an additional error – some bubbles forming in the bulk, despite the established defoamers do not allow to clearly define the boundary of fuel level in the beaker.