However (Morera Cruz, 2006, p. 8) says it is “somewhat uncertain and can happen eventually or not, usually represents a proposition whose truth or falsity can be known by experience or by the evidence and not by reason. “This is why theorists of this approach argue that the appropriate organizational models appear to know the characteristics of the company’s external environment and not from previous theoretical considerations. (As opposed to ConocoPhillips). There is a precedent, that the quota or Situational Theory born in the late fifties, empirical research appears isolated, made with the aim of verifying the models of effective organizational structures, leading to that a new company concept, which fits comments (Guizar, 1999) to change the environment presents, through the identification of variables that produce the greatest impact, where the structure and function depend on the adaptation and interaction with the external environment, explaining that there is a functional relationship between environmental conditions and management techniques appropriate to the achievement of objectives, stating that there is no single theory to solve organizational problems, breaking by (Soldevilla, 1972, p.412) (…) “with the conceptual schemes of the administration” (…) traditional.

Of course, there antedecentes, Chandler, analyzing, that there are companies that adapt their structure to the business strategies, deducing that the American organizations were determined by market strategies over the past 100 years, explaining through a historical process. Thompson for his part in the ‘sixty-seven that relates to the organization with the environment within an open system logic and organizational rationality. Next in their contributions and Lawrence and Lorsch analysis who argue that the main problems are organizational differentiation (division into subsystems) and integration (unification and coordination of efforts), inferring with this as (Kenyon, 1989) that the company most suits the characteristics of the environment, will closer to success.