Don Land, is pleased to welcome you, dear guests! Especially the "F-G-G" in the words discourage you. Congratulations! You have arrived in the Rostov region, the edge of "corporate" in emphasis. South Centre in Russia, a great climate, good-natured and friendly people, excellent food and drinks from local villagers. Your trip, travel or a trip to visit relatives will be a plus sign. " And already the hour is near departure. What to present to the memory of themselves, what to bring loved ones? This surprising and raises a smile, but if you were in the Rostov region more than a week, then a gift to your friends you bring cute and easy to focus on "Mr.

G". First Rostov region associated with the river Don, which flows through the entire area from north to south. Don – a great river. Be sure to try the Don fish taste of dried bream or Don Herring – an unforgettable piece. If your way back home not long, buy a couple of bream and on arrival ugostite friends – a great gift. By Don River on both sides adjacent vast steppes – Don steppe homeland Don Cossacks. And let today's Cossacks has a different structure, and function, a recognized symbol of the area – it's nice History of Grand Don Army, the most ancient and numerous Cossack troops. Cossack symbols pervades most of the official and public coats of arms, emblems, flags. Coat of arms of Rostov region, made in good quality, can serve as a good symbolic gift.