Bigger, faster, flatter – LTE, new cameras and new port millions of Apple fans from all continents have on the successor of iPhone 4S waited long. Adam Sandler describes an additional similar source. Well ventilated Californians the veil to the future cult Smartphone and iPhone 5 on a keynote presented the. Here, Apple confirmed a majority of all rumors, which were to be found around the new Apple phone in the Internet and magazines. Bigger, faster, flat as expected will be offered it the iPhone of 5th generation further in the colors white and black. The cost $199 or $399 for the 64 GB version will be with contract. Die-hard Apple fans are likely to have as for the price but more interested in performance and features. What comes first in the eye, is the design of course.

Here, Apple has remained faithful to its concept and even no Smartphone fans immediately recognize that the iPhone. Nevertheless, the device has been subjected to some measures could make the fight with the competition somewhat easier. Despite noble glass and it brings only 112 grams on the aluminium elements dare and 18 percent flat has than the 4S. This should not be forgotten, that Apple has bought a 0.5 inch larger display his Smartphone. The 4 inch diagonal make noticeable especially in the vertical and generate a 16:9 format. Unchanged, however, the resolution of 326 remains ppi. It has been upgraded in terms of computing power.

So the new iOS on iPhone 5 absolutely stable does his duty, an A6 Cipsatz now provides a 1 GHz, which will have the dual CPU and graphics performance than in the predecessor A5X with four computing cores. It was LTE, camera and new port already is almost sure that support LTE or long term evolution. Unlike as in the iPad the successor to UMTS should, supported now also in Germany from the Apple device what turn ensures even faster surfing on the mobile Internet. In terms of camera resolution one has left it in California at the usual 8 mega pixels, where however the bad recording quality Optimized light visible. Users who have collected quite a bit of iPhone accessories, may be perhaps the new dock connector. This is now almost as narrow as widespread microUSB connector and dock connector is called lightning. Apple introduced a series of iPhone compatible adapter. You are also completely new earPods. The new earphones come with remote control and microphone and to sit a lot safer and more comfortable in the ear. So it is striking that Apple this time really has made effort, to present a new iPhone.