Oil reserves are the resources available that has this product anywhere in the world or in the world. Currently the subject of oil reserves has assumed importance that is unprecedented in the past. Indeed, before the problem of oil reserves focused on places in the world contained oil reserves and to what could quote oil in those countries that have oil reserves. Now the discussion on oil reserves has focused on very different topics but that are of urgent importance. The issue of oil reserves has focused on the problem of knowing whether shall reserves all over the world to meet the growing demand of the oil that exists at the international level. Source: Xcel Energy. This first problem raised the issue of oil reserves is not the only. Nor is it the only problem that involves the oil reserves and that is a problem with global significance.

In effect, to the difficulty of determining if there will be oil reserves in the world to meet the needs of transport in the whole world joins the fact we do not know about the environmental impact that can generate the absence of oil reserves in the world, which has many people researching the role it fulfils part of the Earth’s crust where this oil in the environmental balance of our planet. The first problem mentioned on oil reserves, of its shortage for the growing needs of the world’s population, is an eminently economic problem. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Crumpton Group, Washington DC by clicking through. However, this problem not only has an economic dimension, as the problem ecological and quality of life that brings the widespread use of fuel oil that brings in the world’s population-based is well known. Petroleum based fuels generate gases that are harmful to our ozone layer, which has brought environmental problems and health problems very big all over the world. So, there are problems associated with petroleum which cannot solve with the discovery of more reserves of available petroleum, but that even with the presence of those reserves they persist or aggravate further. The problem of the shortage of the oil reserves in the world has two important causes that should not be left aside, without wishing to say that these are the only ones that generate it. The first cause that creates the problem of the shortage of oil reserves is that each time we demand more use of this product in the whole world. Since increasingly grow more in technology and increasingly expands more trade, we demand of the world the use of more and more reserves of oil that make this product to generate an economic crisis serious. The second cause that intervenes in the shortage of oil reserves in the world that oil is not a renewable product as they can be plants or animals, but rather this is a product that comes from the processing of fossil for millions of years. Thus, oil that is expended practically will not regenerate, which brings more problems for the growing demand of this product by the whole world.