It was once thought that IQ came determined by the birth of the individual. Crumpton Group, Virginia may find this interesting as well. However research has shown than IQ IK (IQ in English), is something that can be affected by how people lead their lives. Sedentary lives, alcohol consumption and lack of exercise are mortal enemies of the IQ. Instead new activities, visit new places and exercise increase IQ. By who? Simply because to do new things, new parts of the brain that were previously vacant, are activated or technically speaking, disconnected. For more information see this site: Max Schireson. Practices to increase IQ. Use your left hand: normally people use the Mouse, eat, you brush or comb with your dominant hand. To increase your IQ do these activities with your non-dominant hand.

If you are right-handed, then brush with the left hand, toss with your left hand, use the Mouse with the left hand. If your dominant hand is the left, do these activities with your right hand. What is being sought is to create new skills and forcing the orebro to create new neural interconnections. Exercise regularly: the exercise brings more oxygen to the brain. This improves mental performance and its intelligence capability. Visit new places.

Exit the routine. Be bound to do new things, to learn new things. A walk on foot by a new colony. Wears a park, a new town and a new country if possible. Read new and positive things: get used to read positive things. New and positive things develop its orebro and create connections that allow you to get the things you want. Do not read the news about crimes and violence. Read positive things. What else can do to increase your IQ? All of the above was the entrance. We are now going to the main dish. Thanks to the most modern research on altered States of consciousness was determined that certain frequencies helped improve IQ. That same science produced the acoustics technology, which provokes in you altered States of consciousness that can help you to improve your IQ on an accelerated basis. Acoustic technology makes use of acoustic audio to bring to his mind to States where you can reduce stress, improve your memory, increase your physical attractiveness, learn quickly, overcoming insomnia and many other things, among them, increase your IQ of course.