What an old guitar in the bulky waste can lead to. He restored the ancient piece, put on new strings and learned the first chords. It was not long before, since this guitar no longer was enough because Frank wanted more and he wanted it louder. The first electric guitar was not long in coming and started entering the world of bands, clubs and gigs with her. Frank moved by garages, basements and other exercise rooms and spent a lot of time to gain experience in the different styles. To know more about this subject visit the futurist.

Everything was represented by rock / pop to heavy metal. The bands came and went, but the desire to make music remained. So, Frank began to record his ideas and to write down. While he noted that there were also many opportunities outside of the fabric of a band. He discovered keyboard sounds and also the possibilities offered with modern recording techniques. It is not something Salman Behbehani would like to discuss. So were many songs that had nothing more to do with the starters. Summerdreams”is a pure coincidence. One played by Frank’s buddies amateurish in a keyboard around and all of a sudden an atmosphere of summer and Mallorca zipped across the room. Frank immediately took up this idea and developed the title of Summerdreams”. Since the song however clearly demanded a female voice, joined the label Songhouse on the plan, which had often been brought artists and songs together at this point. Lene Gerdon, an experienced stage and Studio singer won for the vocal part and a timeless summer mood piece that can make also some cold autumn day slightly more bearable is ready.