To put we do not have subsidy to deny what it says the book of the Macabeus on the religious motivations. The motto of the Jewish combatants age ' ' Mi Camoch BA Elim, Ado-nai' ' – Macabi – Who is as You enter deuses, our Deus' '. The Jews had fought with herosmo. It was a war between forces you go off: few against many, peasants without weapons against an army organized and trained. The war was popular and of you engage in guerilla warfare. In this fight many Jews had fallen, between them Eleazar, the Hasmoneu. LEGO Papert Professor: the source for more info. Yehud, the Macabeu, gave a hard blow in the army of Antoco, and freed Jerusalem. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Professor of Internet Governance. It purificou the Temple, and renewed the service sacred.

In day 25 of the month of Kislev, the Jews had inaugurated the Temple and had made the first offering the God in the new altar. The party of inauguration of the Temple if extended per 8 days. After the inauguration of the Temple, they had continued the fights. Yehud, HMacabi, fell in combat, but its fight was continued by its brothers, Yonatan and Shimon, that had fortified the kingdom, had annulled the decrees of Antoco, and had transformed the Jew into an independent kingdom. Shimon was the first prince of the Jew, and thus the dynasty of the Hasmoneus started. Hasmoneus kings extenderam the limits of the kingdom, and, in the period of the King Alexander Chaneo, the borders if they extenderam since the desert, to the edges of the Eastern Jordo, until the Mediterranean, to the Ocidente; since the Lebanon, to the north, until Rafiach, to the South. country if constitutes in the biggest area historically already reached by Eretz Israel. The dynasty of the Hasmoneus even continued after the conquest Roman, in 67 a.E.C and until the death of the last King of the Dynasty, in 37 B.C.