Since the advent of the internet, businesses in the network have grown without pause. This is because internet provides broader channels for disseminating information on products and business, all at the same time. Therefore, many businesses know safely that the proliferation of online trade will definitely boost the growth potential of all trade in general. However, many entrepreneurs insist to make it possible to generate a good income online, must be necessarily have a product to sell. This does not mean that you need to create that product. There is a type of license called Private Label that allows you to purchase content, articles and ebooks that you can market such as if you had created them. Private Label rights give you authorization (included in a file along with the material) that allows customers to transform, reorder, change and/or improve the elements contained in the material in the manner deemed necessary to commercialize it later.

For example, if you purchased the rights Private Label for a given product, has the power to transform your content into an ebook, a video, a collection of articles, a newsletter, an audiobook, etc. The possibilities are endless. One of the most positive aspects of this type of rights is that you can also do this in reverse. For example, if you purchase a collection of articles, you can join them to create a new electronic book without infringing any rights of copyright at all. Therefore, you could join several articles by different authors, but the theme to create – using his skill and common sense – an absolutely innovative product. With a package of 10 items you could create a special report or a course via email. Another advantage is that using your own creativity can improve the product that you receive with your own comments, additional text, images and everything that comes to mind.