The tests have shown, that the new laser scanner 9590 excellent suitable for applications with a high scan density readers facilitate the work of employees, increase productivity and reduce errors to a minimum. As newest member of the industry-leading Voyager series of 9590 VoyagerGS laser scanner a helpful support for each user, the bar codes specifically and quickly want to read. The new laser scanner 9590 tested IDENT macro compared with 3 other laser scanners of from various manufacturers. There has been particular attention if the 9590 in addition to the normal sizes of bar code can read very small barcodes. It was therefore examined whether the new laser scanner is also suitable for the use in laboratories and in the field of health.

Tested were different 1D-Barcodetypen, beginning with a size of 90 mm wide and 40 mm height tested one. To qualify for use in laboratories, barcodes were printed up to a width of 10 mm and a height of 0.6 mm. The Barcodes were printed with the small thermal transfer printers TTP245C and TTP245 with a resolution of 203 dpi on paper and synthetic label materials. Also, dirty and low contrast bar codes were used for the test. The new laser scanner 9590 surprised with his very quick identification of different barcodes in different contrast levels in all areas. Make the laser scanner to create no pollution or low contrast. Small destructions on the bar code have not impressed the scanner. Is amazing when compared to its competitors – the fast scanning speed with the aiming of the laser scanner 9590 and immediately captured bar code.

For suitability in laboratories barcodes were printed with a height of up to 0.6 mm. Here, too, there were no delays in reading the small bar code. The VoyagerGS actually guaranteed speed and accuracy by combining patented, automatic infrared activation method with enhanced depth of field, so as promised by the manufacturer Honeywell. The tests have shows that the new laser scanner 9590 is ideally suited for applications with a high scan density. Who must read many bar codes very quickly one after the other, has the best partner on its side with the 9590. Also a flexible tripod is available for the fast presentation scanning in the automatic scanning. For retailers there is still an inexpensive option: it can be integrated in addition a radio EAS antenna in the laser scanner 9590. So much is saved time and money, because at the same time EAS Tags disabled and quickly decode EAN bar codes. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, 82008 Unterhaching, Bussard Street 24, TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX 089-615658-25,, contact sales: Angelika Wilke, press contact: Magdalena Hofer.