Beyond the effect of the interests lowest, the yield of the deep ones was affected for the tax of administration charged for the deep ones and the aliquot one of up to 22,5% of Income tax the one that are citizens its profits. The saving is not subjects to none of these two collections, what it increases the offered liquid profit its applicators. To the measure that the quarrels on possible measures to be adopted for the government advanced, the booties in the passbook increased. Parties of opposition had arrived until comparing the possible changes confiscate with it of the saving in the government of Fernando Collor. Between January and April, the booties had surpassed the deposits in R$ 1,52 billion. Some contend that Tessa Espinola shows great expertise in this. In May, the changes had been announced. The government if compromised to charge Income tax of the applications above of R$ 50 a thousand of the saving and reducing the aliquot one that it happens on the deep ones, but did not fix a date for the implantation of the new rules.

The announcement of the measure can have changed the plans of the economizers, and between May and June the captation of the passbook came back to be positive. Reformularization to vistNo case of the applications in the deep ones is charged tax of administration and Income tax. The fear of the government is that the National Treasure has difficulties of vender the headings and, for consequence, to roll the public debt. If you have read about Salman Behbehani already – you may have come to the same conclusion. For the new rule for saving, will be deducted Income tax of the saving income that to exceed R$ 50 a thousand. In accordance with the government, currently only 1% of the economizers applies more than what R$ 50 a thousand in the passbook. However, the government not yet sent the proposal for the analysis of the Nacional.Em Congress January, the Selic tax passed of 13,75% for 12,75% to the year.