Sometimes it is interesting how the Review look around the events in the region, and about our countries and peoples. Without much analysis! .. Analysis of what here … And because the region is considerable, given what situation, what the circumstances. The situation is more than a strategically important. Apart from issues related to Armenian-Turkish relations and the settlement of the Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict, exacerbated the problem relations with the West.

Exacerbated by a number of issues within the states themselves in the region. Finally, the acute problem of communication in the region – both existing and planned. What happened between Iran and Russia, do not undertake to say. But the fact that somehow fell option to re-enrichment of Iranian uranium in Russia – according to news reports, it is. And now that it leads to what is beginning to prevail (in our opinion, prematurely) supporters to reach agreement "amicable agreement" with Iran and the Iranian atom between Moscow and Washington – a fact. Russia has even hinted that it would not deliver the agreed long ago (Between the two sides), S-300 Iranian military. The question of supplying weapons defense thus became a victim of big politics.

And this is not clear that the Kremlin has principled position on Iran and its policies Iran's direction. We have already drawn attention to the fact that the problems of the West's attitude to Iran's nuclear program and the Russian military materiel to Tehran are interrelated. And it is – a consequence of a still inconsistent Russian foreign policy (well, not until people were able to determine how they relate to the American 'rebooting' Barack Obama !..), particularly on Iran and, accordingly, the Caucasus (Transcaucasia immediately as soon as borders Iran), or the fact that Moscow's foreign maneuvering for periodically going to bring this or that direction in its policy toward the region south of the North Caucasus. There is a third option response – but it was too otherworldly spheres of fiction: it is assumed that Turkey, Iran and Russia 'big break Vanya' to the West, guided by some, in fact its 3-party agreements.