Mixed-signal tester with 36 channels and direct power supply via the USB ports. BMC oftentimes addresses this issue. The mixed signal Tester by ACUTE consists of the combination of a DS-1000 with a TravelLogic Logic Analyzer oscilloscope. The related LabVIEW VIs offer easy integration into own LabVIEW applications. When using the DS-1302, three Oscilloscopes in the stack can be interconnected, and offer this 3 x scope inputs with 200 MHz per input or 6 x scope inputs for every 100 MHz per input. The 4 GHz TravelLogic Logic Analyzer has 36 inputs with maximum 72Mb. The voltage is supplied with two devices directly via the USB port.

The scope of supply is absolutely complete, i.e. including the related probes, cable sets and LabVIEW VIs. DS-1000-250 MHz PC oscilloscope the DS-1000 series has 2, 4 or 6 simultaneous seizing input channels with a bandwidth of 200 MHz (single channel) and simultaneous per 100 MHz in 2, 4 or 6-channel operation with maximum 2 mega point memory/channel. In the real-time sampling 200kS / s are in the Equivalent sampling be achieved 5GS / s. The measuring range is +/-5mV to +/-10V 9-bit vertical resolution. To extend the measuring range are x 1 / x 10 probes in the scope of delivery included. Trigger modes are rising, failing, single, delay and TV trigger available which automatically, can be manuel or “single”, with an additional RUN/STOP button on the DSO-box.

The jitter is +/-200hp as master-DSO and +/-10ns as slave-DSO. In addition to a variety of measurement methods are mathematical calculations including FFT analysis available. In addition, the DSO feature “Internet Monitoring” (TCP/IP) also called Wi-Fi can communicate based DSO. As export formats, WORD, EXCEL, CSV, TEXT, HTML, Clipboard, hardcopy and preview are implemented. TravelLogic – 4 GHz Logic Analyzer the 4 GHz logic analyzers TravelLogic TL2X36 of ACUTE are so compact that they fit in a jacket pocket. A mixed-signal tester can be built in conjunction with Oscilloscopes by ACUTE or other manufacturers. The “TravelLogic” by ACUTE are high-performance logic analyzers with 36 channels, 4 GHz timing analysis, 200 MHz state analysis and a scalable storage of up to 72 MB for all 36 channels. The TL2X36 have a USB2. 0 (1.1 compliant) port equipped and can be connected to any desktop or laptop. The power supply also takes place through the USB port and is interesting for many applications in the service sector and in the development or University Lab, where circumstances at different computers time shifted analysis tasks fall to the TL2X36. Just for the higher education sector and research institutions the new LabVIEW VI is an interesting help for creating custom applications. Another interesting feature of TL2X36 is the ability, in conjunction with the oscilloscope by ACUTE or other manufacturers to build so-called mixed-signal tester. The LA the bundled software and the LabVIEW VI support Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/Windows7 and can be installed on any computers. This is the flexible Changing from workplace to workplace, or from field to Office easily. Detailed technical data, manuals and demo software available in the Internet at for download.