Animals non-rights holders and may not defend himself in the courts does not grant people unlimited rights on the nature or patent of corso to inflict unnecessary suffering. Some currents of neuroscience and psychology argue that the suffering is printed in the genes of the animals. If this were true, we could suffer consequences in health if we consume in excess products that come from animal suffering. The cruel death of animals is not only due to commercial interests. A few months ago, in Madrid, a political party expelled one of its members when it came to light a few images in which posed smiling with dead cats and bleeding, apedreados by him and a group of friends. Beyond of the anecdote, one might wonder about the moral dimension of a person who lacks empathy with living beings and have fun with their suffering.

Who does not care plants, its environment and animals, could really value human life? Much of the suffering of the animal species is caused by unsustainable development models that alter the natural habitats at speeds that prevent to the species adapt. Such is the case of the frog, the most threatened vertebrate animals of the world by deforestation, the disappearance of ponds where they live and by climate change. Or have also circulated by the world Power points with images of polar bears who see melt the little solid ground that is them. In the background lies a conception of life that places man against a hostile nature against which has to fight. After so many advances in science and technology, along with the demographic explosion of the last century, are a few places on the planet to conquer. Now that is celebrated the day of environment, should be repeated that it is not promoting an ecology that consider nature as an object outside of us when in reality we inhabit and we are all part of it. It’s an Ecosophy that future generations would appreciate.