Motion inherent in an exercise, virtually copies the key movements in many sports: martial arts (sweeping punches from the side, as well as the various blocks and grabs the opponent, when your hands moving upwards), tennis (racket hit the open side upwards in repelling enemy attacks), javelin throw, pass the ball with one hand in basketball, etc., regularly practicing cultivation of dumbbells on a bench with a slope up, you will achieve teamwork involved muscles, increase their strength, that in the future necessarily give you the extra edge over your competitors in the sports arena. 3. Inflate the pectoral muscle: Mid-and the inner edge of the pectoralis major muscle / sequestering activity / Seals middle and edges of the chest Technique Lie on the horizontal bar so that the head, shoulders and buttocks were tightly pressed to the bench. Back straight, feet wider than shoulders and rest on the floor. Take a dumbbell in each hand and lift them just above the breast. Dumbbells are almost touching each other, and the hands are slightly bent at the elbows. The angle of the elbow is fixed and remains unchanged until the end of the set.

Make deep breath and hold your breath, your arms to the sides. Dumbbell moving in a vertical plane. Once the weights will descend to the level of the shoulders or slightly below, as much as possible tighten the chest muscles, change direction motion and bring the dumbbell over the chest (on the same path on which you have them before the divorce).