We are accustomed to seeing to Chile in the last places in the international lists most and which reflect poor of our educational system. The question that appears then immediately is: until when? If either is true, in the last time, have emerged which are propositional and movements who dream of a Chilean education of high quality. These organizations are insufficient to generate the yearnings changes that requires our education. That is why I dare to point out that the problem of the Chilean education has multiple edges. On the one hand, the inexperienced managers who lead educational projects, i.e.

the lack of leadership of the people who lead the learning process. On the other hand, a faculty which does not advance to the rhythm of teaching strategies that the century demands and technologies. It is also an important part of our problem, that the universities are not delivering the necessary professional training to future teachers. We must remember that our students belong to the It was digital. It therefore required a preparation according to the current times. However, this is not all, also makes its generous contribution to the problem, the family, that every day is more remote and uncommitted with learning processes. And, finally, we should not forget this whole system Center: student. A digital learner that requires a teaching digital insert in a digital era that needs to be driven by digital leaders. In conclusion, you we have much to do, but all change is good. Then, does not seem a good idea propose strategic plans for short term able to revolutionize our educational system?