What happens with advertising? As for advertising, the text CITES that it should not produce moral or physical damages to the minor () during protected time thus preventing contents that promote the admiration of third parties or ads that promote an excessive cult of the body which could create own image rejection. Advertising in general see its duration trimmed since the new law sets a maximum of 19 promotional minutes per broadcast hour, distributed in the following manner: 12 minutes of conventional ads, 5 minutes of self-promotion and 2 more than telepromociones. Conclusion must await the law enters into force for evaluating the results. At the moment there are who applauds it, since it seems to offer numerous benefits with regard to the protection of minors, the decline in advertising or the expansion of content of European production. On the other hand, agencies advertising, chains and different political formations they seem to have discrepancies with some aspects of the law, either economically or content. The controversy, once again, is served. llerAudiovisual. Producer of corporate video in Barcelona (Sabadell).

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