In the insurance contract the insurer will necessarily be a company authorized to do. a Improvement of the Contract of Insurance. – (Art. 982) is perfect with the consent of the parties. a Content documentary Seguroo a General Terms Agreement (art. 1006) are the same for all insurance contracts as they are regulated by the Commercial Code, insurance law and other regulations, which are supervised or monitored by the Superintendence of Pensions, securities and insurance. or Special Conditions (art. 1006, 1007) are vital in the insurance contract because it provides the essential content, such as contracting parties, the risk insured, the insured, s etc or annexes (pre Declaration risk, proposal, etc.

. ) (Art. 1009) a Discrepancy Policy (art. 1013). – The policyholder or the insured has 15 days after receipt of the policy, calling for the rectification of the image, it descordancia with the proposal or agreed. If no correction requests within this period are considered acceptable terms. If within 15 days of the application for correction or complaint, the insurer has not acted, the policy is understood in the terms accepted the amendment. a Proof of Insurance Contract (Policy).