This is because – as is already recognized by science – any disease or illness that occurs in humans is reflected in the first place changes in the points and energy flows in the affected person , and then be reflected in the art. Thus, one can observe a result of these imbalances, the emanation of light manifests with certain colors or greater force prevails over the other, allowing you to identify the type of stone disease and diseased organs are to be found, being such colors located in the themselves. But not only has medical utility, can also be used to see if the status of a person is upset, if you lie, or do not profess to have so much love as he says his partner, and it is possible to know through the color of the aura, that will be altered with respect to normal.

So using the Kirlian camera, it is possible the continuous monitoring of the human aura, and therefore know its exact evolutionary state, in its different facets: spiritual, emotional and physical. This is so because the color of the aura is not permanent, that is, changes according to mood of the person, so a given color at any given time, such as purple, does not indicate that the person in question is highly elevated spiritual level, but if your mood is undergoing major changes to the spiritual theme. This is how you can track all the different levels of the human aura, to be compared through Kirlian photography, different aura color shades.