The indigent / actor. Stories theater. November 7th, 2008 Today I did not want to write about this issue, wait until your final. As all of you will be aware, has premiered a play in the Madrid Autumn Festival, dedicated to ‘the SINTECH. The book is entitled ‘Fallen Sky’ and is a tribute to Rosario Endrinal, the indigent burned at a cashier in Barcelona. A total of 18 players, six of which are non-professionals. So far I have not written on this subject by participating in the two known works of mine on the street. In the year 1548 was built on top of the hill, a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of the Nativity, which through the years and after several modifications it is called Santuario de la Virgen del Patrocinio, who is the patron saint of city residents.
On February 14, 1862, established the House of Charity to give asylum to the children of miners who died as a result of accidents that occur in mines. Where there was a printer and several workshops, as well as a textile factory.
Was built in 1906, a meteorological observatory, which had the most advanced meteorological instruments at that time.
In 1966 he developed a comprehensive remodeling on the hill. Built archery’s viewpoint, the atrium of the Santuario de la Virgen del Patrocinio, as well as various local trade. Was also transferred the Mausoleum of Illustrious Men, which was located in the pantheon of the Immaculate, and was placed at the foot of the Bufa Creston.
In the year 1978 new jobs were to give more popularity to the promenade of La Bufa. Fits and illuminates the path that leads to the hill, as well as trees are cleared.
In the year 1979 started the construction of the cable.
In the year 1984 opened the doors of the Museum of La Toma de Zacatecas, exhibiting a variety of dating battalla brought there.
In 1989 he opened the Plaza de la Revolucion is located opposite the entrance of the Shrine, where were placed the statues of the three most responsible for the victory of the revolutionary forces: Francisco Villa, Felipe Angeles and Panfilo Natera.