PS10 solar power station at Sanlucar la Mayor
The scarcity of fossil fuel resources, or their low calorific value, creates a heavy dependence on imported oil in the energy sector Andalucians although Andalucia has a great potential for developing renewable energy, particularly energy solar and wind power. The Andalusian Energy Agency, established in 2005, is the new governmental body responsible for developing policy independent of the energy supply for the community.
The infrastructure for electricity production is composed of eight large power stations, more than sixty small hydro, wind parks, and fourteen thermal cogeneration plants. The largest company in this sector was the Compania Sevillana de Electricidad, which was founded in 1894, nowadays absorbed by Endesa
Since March 2007, Spain hosts the first solar power concentration in Europe: the PS10 solar power station, located in Sanlucar la Mayor, and conducted by an Andalusian company, Abengoa. In addition there are other smaller plants, such as Cullen and Galera (Granada), inaugurated recently by Geosol and Caja Granada. Also in the province of Granada, in the Hoya de Guadix, are planned two major thermal power (Andasol I and II) to provide electricity to nearly half a million homes. Switch to new and cheap energy by choosing a great alternative energy source. In the field of research and development of solar energy is an important center Plataforma Solar de Almeria, one of the most important in Europe.
The largest company in the wind sector is the Society of Andalucia Eolica arising from the merger of Plant Eolica del Sur SA and wind energy Strait S.A.