First, define some concepts. High-altitude works – works that are performed at a height (if briefly). Rope – it is actually high-altitude work, but using the technology of "Rope." AND promalp – the same rope access, only briefly. Thus, promalp – a run of high-altitude work using rope access technology. Yes, high-altitude work – work at heights and on the ropes … but always be possible to use the rope? Undoubtedly, the promalpe movement on the ropes – is the foundation, but before they move, we must get to the anchorage points.

To get to the structures on which to be binding, you can own (two samostrahovochnyh end and two belay points, belting as it moves alternately) or two (one by one becomes a climber, the other fears). The intermediate means may be stairs, brackets, tabs, friends, bolt. For movement on the wooden structures can be used long screws from 80 mm and 8 mm in diameter. The distance between the elements of the belay shall not exceed 1 m. Moreover, we note that in Russia there are no specific requirements, but the climbers are based on the rule of climbing insurance. Now you know what promalp use ropes everywhere, but the value of ropes specific conditions are different.