Of course, not all those who wished to enter the instituto were admitted. Enrolled in only the best, those who obtained the highest scores in the entrance exams. Do do the rest could undergo tests to the? n? following. However there were cases in which the egresado could not go to work there where had appointed him the Institute. The causes could be different: circumstances relatives, disease, etc.

In such case they had in mind the request of the egresado? you order the mismo chose the workplace. Once the young specialist was beginning to work, the Institute for several years, not lost from view to his pupil: how received it in the work, that problems you surgian as novice master in the practice of his profession. Do in schools of general education in 1981 from republica it worked 41,000 teachers of language? Ukrainian literature. Fiodor Arvat said that the works of scientists, including those of our Institute were a valuable aid to the work of the school teachers. For example, in editions of five contemporary Ukrainian language and history of the Ukrainian literary language volumes, whole sections were written by Professor Lidia Kolomiets. She, along with other our Professor Anatoli Maiboroda, was co-author of the comparative grammar of the ucraniano language manual. Every year were published in the Republic 129 escolares manuals in Ukrainian with a circulation of 25 million copies and, in addition, 52 manuals with a circulation of 4 million in the languages of other peoples of the Soviet Union. Not nor a single manual in Ukrainian was released prior to the October revolution? the profession of language teacher? Ukrainian literature or even existed. Soviet literature, may be interested in particular Russian writers. Original author and source of the article.